Compliance and Auditing

Our business review and audit services can help you reduce your risks by identifying and correcting deficiencies. Complicated billing regulations, confusing coding rules, complex Medicare policies, fear-driven down coding. may all result in lost reimbursement, impacting your bottom line.  

Coding and billing requirements are complex and keeping up with regulatory changes can be overwhelming.  An effective compliance program helps an organization spot errors in its processes, preventing small problems from becoming large ones. We provide high-value solutions while maintaining affordability to our clients. 


HIPAA Privacy and Security Audit 

With the implementation of the HITECH Act, the Affordable Care Act and upcoming audits, HIPAA compliance has assumed greater importance.  The most recent changes have expanded and modified the regulations and included a mandate for the Department of Health and Human Services to audit providers for compliance. 

The Comprehensive Compliance Plan

Cornerstone Medical Management will develop and assist implementing a comprehensive compliance plan that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice. As part of this plan, we can provide ongoing regulatory updates and recommend repeat chart reviews in order to achieve optimal risk management. 

 The process of a compliance audit is simple and easy to arrange - think of it as a wellness visit for your office!


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Consulting and Training

Exceptional practice management software maximizes your collections, minimizes your outstanding claims, and optimizes your cash flow. Integrated systems and processes are keys to success in medical billing.  Cornerstone implements and maintains compliant, secure billing processes that are built around your objectives and requirements. You decide key protocols, such as when or if patients are sent to collections, and you always have complete access to your data. Our team of experts will create custom software solutions for your office.

Cornerstone Medical Management offers on-site consulting services. Our experts assist you with business process improvement, custom training programs, complex appeal processes, and technology improvements.  This allows you to free up management resources to work on strategic initiatives like increasing revenue, marketing, and most importantly, patient care.




Will you be ready? 

Documenting for ICD-10 is demanding.  Is your organization properly positioned to meet the ICD-10 deadline?  Compliance with ICD-10 will be critical to the continued success of all healthcare organizations beginning October 1, 2015. 

Cornerstone is dedicated to helping physicians protect their bottom line during this transition.

Identify where ICD-10 will impact you the most.  Check out our new Documentation Readiness Assessment service and see how we can help you prepare.

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Medicare and Medicaid Audit Review

Concerned about your Medicare / Medicaid billing?  The OIG is auditing providers and has recovered billions of dollars from providers for claims paid in error.  Our audit team will review your clinical records, your existing OIG Compliance Plan, and identify any deficiencies that increases your risk.  Our review's provide expert assistance in correcting any errors discovered.

If you are already facing recoupment or review from public or private sector audit contractors, we can help.  Cornerstone works with your legal team to minimize or eliminate these recoupments.  

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Medical Billing Services

Beginning in March of 2015, Cornerstone parterned with Medical Billing Solutions of Tennessee for all of your outsourcing needs.  

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