Spinal Coding Answers

  1. M48.06 - Spinal stenosis, lumbar region (pain would be included in this code)
  2. M51.16 - Intervertebral disc disorder with radiculopathy lumbar region
  3. M47.24 - Other spondylosis with radiculopathy
  4. M54.2   - Cervicalgia
  5. M47.812 - Spondylosis without myelopathy or radiculopathy, cervical region
  6. M99.03 - Segmental disfunction, lumbar
  7. M54.12 - Radiculopathy, cervical region
  8. M48.03 - Spinal stenosis, cervicothoracic region
  9. M54.32 - Sciatiaca, left side
  10. M06.9 - Rheumatiod arthritis, unspecified


Exercise in Spinal Coding

Diagnosing a patient requires skill and training to identify the condition or conditions they present with.  Developing and delivering a plan of care to correct those conditions requires years of training and clinical expertise.  Determining the most appropriate diagnosis code to represent your findings to third-party payers and other healthcare providers is the purpose of the ICD system - whether version 9 or 10. 

It is important to accurately identify and code a patient's condition.   Avoid using non-specific conditions like back pain when back strain is more appropriate.  By contrast, it would be inappropriate to code for disk herniation without imaging to confirm the diagnosis.

Test your ICD-10 coding skills with these spinal conditions.

Please select the appropriate ICD-10 codes for the following situations:

  1.  Patient has lower back pain from lumbar spinal stenosis. 
  2. Patient has L4/L5 herniation with right sided sciatica
  3. T4 and T5 spondylosis with radiculopathy
  4. Left upper cervical spine pain
  5. C3 facet degeneration without myleopathy or radiculopathy
  6. L4/L5 segmental dysfunction
  7. C4/C5 radiculopathy w/o spondylosis
  8. Cervical and thoracic stenosis
  9. Sciatica on the left without back pain
  10. Rheumatoid arthritis

Watch your in-box for the answers.

External Cause Coding - Answer Key


  1. ______   Roller skater injured in collision with a train                                   V05.91xA
  2. ______   Fall from a skateboard                                                                         V00.131A
  3. ______   Passenger injured when car hits deer on road                                V40.6xxA
  4. ______   Driver of pickup injured when car hits guardrail                             V57.5xxA
  5. ______   Patient injured after falling off monkey bars                                    W09.8xxA
  6. ______   Patient injured when struck by field hockey stick                          W21.211A
  7. ______   Patient injured when hot coffee spilled in her lap                           X10.0xxA
  8. ______   Patient was injured in the kitchen of her apartment                      Y92.030
  9. ______   Injury occurred while ice dancing                                                      Y93.21
  10. ______   Injury occurred while milking a cow                                                  Y93.K2
  11. ______   Injury occurred while working in a bank                                           Y99.0


Have you read the guidelines for Chapter 20 - External Cause Codes?  If not, take a few minutes and read them now.

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